The last man in London came to the wall by the riverin an ancient cloak that was one of those that once my friends had worn, and peered over the edge to see that I still . Then he went, and I never saw men again: they had .

A few days after the last man had  birds  London, all the birds that sing. When they first saw me they all looked sideways at me, then they went away a little and ong themselves.

Some say that the terrible   the three , and that their very mules were dripping with it, and  that they were  the city by hunger, but suggest no better  so .

And so we  ,  the   the  . 60But I had gone to bow   to inquire  the , and a among men, of the most holy  he   the wered that  from fair 
And upon us praying the night came suddenly down, as it comes upon all men who pray at evening and upon all men who do not; yet our prayers comforted our own souls when we thought of the Great Night to come.

And so Yann bore us magnificently onwards, for he was elate with molten snow that the Poltiades had brought him from the Hills of Hap, and the Marn and Migris were swollen full with floods; and he bore us in his might past Kyph and Pir, and we saw the lights of Goolunza.

Soon we all slept except the helmsman, who kept the ship in the mid-stream of Yann.

When the sun rose the helmsman ceased to sing, for by song he cheered himself in the lonely night. When the song ceased we suddenly all awoke, and another took the helm, and the helmsman slept.


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